1. What Your Ticket to Fandomfest Entails:


1. Upon entering Fandomfest , members become responsible for their personal liability. Members assume all risks with respect to the dangers incidental to Fandomfest.
2. Tickets required for entry into Fandomfest and must be visible at all times. Tickets are  non-refundable, non-replaceable, and non-transferable.
3. Acceptance of YOUR TICKET CONSENTS TO ALL OF THESE RULES. It also allows for all photography and video with your image to be used for future projects as well as advertising.
4. Failure to comply with the published rules of Fandomfest, including disruptive or inappropriate behavior, will result in the ejection from Fandomfest. Fandomfest may bar and eject anyone from the convention at anytime for any reason without a refund.


2. General Convention Rules:


1. Follow requests and directions of Fandomfest, The Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center and Hotels staff.
2. Fandomfest, The Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center, and hotels are not responsible for personal items. Unattended and lost items will be turned over to proper authorities Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center or the police or our information booth.
3. Appropriate attire is required at all times, including shoes, pants/shorts/skirts, and shirts/tops.
4. Each event room has limited space and seating. Seating is not guaranteed to any persons. Standing room is allowed only at the discretion of Fandomfest Staff or Facility staff.
5. Lining up is permitted no earlier than 2 hours prior for general events, and 30 minutes prior to autograph sessions. Documented disabled persons, staff, on-duty volunteers, guests of honor, are not required to stand in line for events.
6. Possession or consumption of alcohol is only permitted in designated locations.
7. The legal drinking age in Kentucky is 21 years of age. Anyone under legal age found drinking or intoxicated will be reported to Proper authorities and to our on duty Louisville Metro Police.
8. Smoking is only permitted within designated locations outside the buildings.
9. Theft, assault, drug use, and other illegal activities will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
10. Discrimination and/or harassment of any form will not be tolerated.
11. Do not hinder or obstruct the flow of foot traffic within the convention area.
12. Individuals may be asked to remove large or unwieldy bags, props, or other accessories from the convention areas.
13. Questions, concerns, or complaints should be brought to the Fandomfest staff at either Convention Operations, the Info Desk, or Registration Customer Service.


3. Supplementary Policies:


1. Props Policy (Updated 7/8/15):
2. Real weapons are banned in the convention areas, regardless if they are functional or not, per Fandomfest and the The Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center
3. All items as listed in the Prohibited Items list are not allowed. There are no exceptions to this, regardless as to whether the item is functional or not.

4. All prop weapons must be inspected and peace-bonded each day of the convention.
5. Prop Inspection Checkpoints will now be established at all entrances to the Entrance to Fandomfest. They will be staffed by The Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center, Fandomfest Staff and off duty police in Rotation..
6. Other props may be required to be inspected and peace-bonded by Fantomfest Security, at the discretion of Fandomfest staff.
7. Unapproved items will be will be cataloged and stored. Upon exit of the convention center, the owner may reclaim it. Any item found to violate city, state, or federal law may not be returned at the discretion of the Louisville Metro Police.
8. Fandomfest Security cannot approve a prop prior to the convention.
9. Prop weapons should not be carried outside the convention center. The Louisville Metro Police will treat anyone carrying realistic looking weapons as a LEGITIMATE THREAT AND WILL TAKE APPROPRIATE ACTION!
10. Members who do not comply with this policy or are deemed repeat offenders will be subject to removal from Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center and hotels.


4. Hotel Code of Conduct:


1. If an individual is responsible for damages to hotel property, or endangering his/her own or anyone else’s safety, he/she and potentially any or all of his/her roommates will be ejected from the hotel and have his/her ticket to Fandomfest revoked. Individuals involved will be held legally and financially responsible. Hotel administration may prosecute the offenders to the fullest extent of the law.
2. Noise levels must be kept to a minimum at all times. After three disturbances from a room, the guests will be ejected from hotel property and their ticket to Fandomfest may be revoked.
3. Hotel guests must comply with the listed occupancy limits for each room. Failure to do so may result in being ejected from hotel property.

5. Autograph Policy:


1. Convention Attendees may not line up for autograph sessions more than 30 minutes prior to start.
2. Staff may end the line prematurely.
3. Photos are allowed at the discretion of the guest.
4. Going behind the guest’s table or having the guest move in front of the table is not allowed.


6. Dealers’ Room Policy:


1. Dealers will charge the current Kentucky State Sales Tax of 6.%. They may not charge sales tax from other states.
2. Bootleg and unlicensed merchandise are not permitted to be sold in the Dealers’ Room.
3. If you have any questions, issues, or complaints, please contact Fandomfest staff at the table located at the main Dealers’ Room entrance.
5. Flyer Policy:
1. One pile of flyers may be placed on the free flyer table.
2. Flyers from other businesses and conventions are welcomed provided they do not contain any adult, illegal, or inappropriate content.
3. Do not move or obscure other flyers.
4. Characters, names, and logos of Fandomfest and our other properties may not be used without express written consent.
5. Remaining flyers will be discarded at the end of the convention if not reclaimed.
6. Fandomfest staff may remove flyers for any reason at any time.


7. Personal Sound Device Policy:

1. Keep the volume low within the convention facilities and other public areas.
2. If Fandomfest or Facility staff asks any individual to turn down the volume on a device, he/she must comply immediately.
3. Three incidents will result in the offender having his/her ticket to Fandomfest revoked and potentially prohibited from attending future Fandomfest events.


8. Prohibited Items:


1. Alcohol and illegal substances.
2. Wheeled items (excluding mobility assistance devices), including but not limited to:
  A. Rollerblades.
  B. Skates.
  C. Skateboards.
  D. Wheelies.
  E. Scooters.
  F. Bicycles.

3. Revealing and/or offensive attire.
4. Signs of any kind. The only exception will be for cosplays where it can be proven that the character has a sign. Please see our Cosplay FAQ for more details.
5. Weapons, including:
  A. Knives, firearms, and other weapons.
  B. Real guns (working, disabled, or otherwise).
  C. Projectile weapons (pellet guns, airsoft rifles, pistols, disc guns, paintball markers, water pistols, or other liquid “weapons,” etc).
  D. Metal blades (knives, swords, sharp items, etc).
  E. Practice swords including bokens and kendo bamboo practice swords.
  F. Chains, spikes, whips, leashes.
  G. Any other potentially harmful weapon, prop, or item as determined by Fandomfest.
6. Smoke or fog machines or similar devices.
7. Laser pointers or similar devices. These items may not be used in public unless you are officially sanctioned to lead or present a convention seminar, panel, workshop, or other convention-sanctioned event.


9. Prohibited Conduct:


1. Disruptive behavior, including but not limited to:
  A. Running.
  B. Screaming, shouting, or yelling.
  C. Playing loud music or noise.
  D. Horseplay or rowdiness.
  E. Unsolicited physical contact.
2. Defacing or damaging Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center, Hotel, Fandomfest , or other properties.
3. Discrimination and/or harassment of any kind to anyone.
4. Obstructing the flow of foot traffic within the convention area.
5. Alcohol consumption and smoking outside of designated areas.
6. Theft, assault, drug use, and any other illegal activities.
7. Nudity and inappropriate attire.


10. Repercussions for Violations:


Any of the following repercussions may occur for violations, subject to the discretion of Fandomfest and Facility staff.
1. Verbal warning from Fandomfest or Facility staff.
2. Confiscation of prohibited items. Confiscation may be permanent, or until the item can be safely removed from convention premises.
3. Ejection from convention premises and revocation of ticket to Fandomfest.
4. Barring admittance to future Fandomfest and our other events.
5. Ejection from hotel facilities including guest rooms.
6. Financial and legal responsibility for damages.
7. Reporting to the Louisville Metro Police Department for illegal activities or substances.



11. Accessibility at Fandomfest


1. Advanced Seating
Advanced seating will be provided to persons with disabilities for events. Those who require this service will be seated in an area that is at the discretion of Fandomfest staff. This service will be provided to a person with a disability or injury that would affect a person’s ability to stand in lines for long periods of time. If a person requires this service they will be permitted to bring one companion person to assist them.
To apply for this sticker, please go to Registration Customer Service. Stickers are given out at the discretion of Fandomfest staff to those who are truly in need. A special sticker will be placed on your badge. This sticker can be presented in order to gain advance access ten minutes prior to general event seating. If an event requires a special ticket for admission (ie: masquerade, concerts), then attendee still must have one of these tickets to be seated.
2. Wheelchairs
The Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center and the hotels are fully accessible to those with wheelchairs. Please contact the Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center for more information.
3. Bathrooms
Facilities have bathrooms that are equipped with handicapped stalls. We ask that all of our attendees are considerate of others when using the bathrooms, especially for any costume changes; please give those with disabilities first preference at using the handicapped stalls in the bathrooms.
4. Elevators
The Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center is equipped with elevators. We ask that all of our attendees are considerate of others when using the elevators; please give those with disabilities first preference at using the elevators. For many, this is their only possible method of traveling between floors. If you are capable of taking the stairs or using an escalator, we ask that you do so.
5. Service Animals
Service animals as defined by the ADA are welcome at Fandomfest. In order to avoid confusion among attendees and staff that if you have a service animal with you, please do not incorporate your service animal in to any cosplay.