Pre-Sale Photo Op Tickets have ended - You may purchase your Photo Ops at the show.




Photo Op F.A.Q.s. for all Fandomfest shows.
Please make sure to bring your printed BAR-CODED online ticket with you to the photo op area. Without this or the barcode on your electronic device, you will not be able to have your photo op. Please follow the directions of the photo op crew. Please do not assume that you may hug and or kiss the celebrities, you must be respectful at all times.

Q. What is a professional photo op?

A A professional photographer using professional equipment will take a photo of you with the celebrity.

Q. When will the photo op schedule be posted?

A. The photo op schedule will be posted approx. 4 weeks prior to the show. You will need to check the photo op schedule often as there could be frequent changes up to and including during the show.

Q. How many people can be in my photo op?

A. There may be 2 adults and 2 children under 10 in the photo.

Q. What do I do with items I bring in to the photo op room.

A. Please do not bring items in the photo op area. There is limited room.

Q. What do I need to bring to my photo op?

A. If you have purchased a photo op, you will need to bring the printed bar coded ticket with you to redeem. If you have a VIP ticket that includes a Photo Op, your VIP badge will have the voucher attached.

Q. How long will it take for me to get my printed photo?

A. The wait time will vary depending on the volume of photo ops at any given time. The normal wait time is 2-3 hours. Photos are not guaranteed to be ready at any specific time. You may check at the photo pick up area for an approximate time your photo will be ready.

Q. What time do I need to line up for my photo op.

A. We suggest you be in line 15-30 mins prior to your scheduled photo op time. Please do not attempt to line up earlier than 30 mins prior to your photo op. Make sure to check the schedule often. Due to unforseen circumstances photo op schedules can change even the day of your scheduled photo op.

Q. What if I miss my photo op?

A. Please do not be late for your photo op. Once the celebrity has left the area we cannot bring them back for a missed photo.

Q. May I take photos with my camera during the photo op?

A. No photography or recording of any type is allowed, this includes photos on your phone. If you attempt to take photos in this area, you will be asked to leave.

Q. What if the photo ops I want to go to are scheduled for the same time?

A. If you are at the show for only one day, then please see a staff member in the photo op area. If you are attending multiple days, please check the schedule for additional time.

Q. Can I buy my photo op at the convention?

A. Yes, you can purchase photo ops as long as they are available. Photo ops for some celebrities sell out quickly so we suggest you purchase on-line to ensure you can get your photo op.  CASH only will be accepted at the show.

Q. Where is the Photo Op Area?

A. The Photo Op area is clearly marked.

Q. Can I bring gifts to the Celebrity?

A. Please do not bring gifts in the photo op area. Please take them to the Autograph area.

Q. I don’t have time to go to the Autograph Area, can I ask for an autograph while I am getting a photo?

A. No, Autographs are not allowed. Please do not ask.